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Vaporizer reviews – you really need to be i it to win it – and Quente Cafe is certainly in it – so you can trust us when we tell you how to win. Qente Cafe (the vaporizer cafe) is here to share information with you – and we know what we’re talking about.

vaporizer review

vaporizer review

Who writes the vaporizer reviews and what is their motivation for sharing the information? Two questions you should consider before you embark upon any serious research fr all but the cheapest vaprorizers.

very portable vaporizers

Very Portable Vaporizers

The manufacturers have most of the information – but can they really be trusted? Take the iolite for example they are “beautiful to look at” and “high-end” according to the people that make them – but they would say that wouldn’t they? Perhaps the only people that you could really trust are those that don’t have a vested interest in selling the product to you – so who would that be? You can’t trust a vaporizer review on a blog – because that almost certainly comes with am affiliate link – or even if it doesn’t then how do you know the reviewer has actually used the product – or if they have then have they used more than one vaporizer – or even if they have then have they used all of the vaporizers and do they know enough about the scientific method to truly make their test a fair one? We have links with a UK supplier that trusts us to write full and impartial reviews of the vaporizers they stock – and they trust us to tell the truth, our reviewing team are journalists ad technophiles that really understand both the product and what a good, impartial review actually means. We even go as far as using blind trials to find out exactly what is going on with each vaporizer without being swayed by the look of them.

You can trust the manufacturer to tell you they have a “economically priced, powerful and robust” product that of course they think i the bee’s knees and they certainly have the technical specs for you – but you’ll still want a detailed review before you part with a large chunk of money on what is a very expensive vaporizer.

Quente Cafe will keep you up to date with exactly what is going on – so follow us and see what we have to say – and of course we welcome any feedback you might have on the subject.